Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I know some blog to share their lives with relatives that live far off. Some blog because they just love to write and others well, they love to write and their hopes are to author a book one day! Well, my friends a fellow blogger has achieved just that! Isnt' that AWESOME! I cannot even imagine the emotions that Elaine must be feeling as she sees her hard work and dream IN PRINT

I hope you will go over and meet Elaine and congratulate her! Below you will see the video introducing her book! It is just beautifully done and I hope you will support her in purchasing her new book!!

Isn't her cover just beautiful! I confessed to Elaine that if I don't like the cover I tend to pass it by....she confessed to me she is "Cover Snob" as well!! LOL Well, I can tell you this cover MAKES ME WANT TO READ THIS! NOW, watch the video and tell me you can resist...I think not!! :)