Saturday, 23 February 2013

Picture Perfect ~ Review

About the Book:

Feisty wedding photographer Hannah McDermott has dealt with her share of difficult brides. But none can compare to the ultimate Bridezilla she's dealing with now. Still, she's trying desperately to impress Bella Neeley, Galveston Island's most sought-after wedding planner, so she can take the top spot in Bella's list of recommended photographers--a spot currently occupied by her arch-rival, Drew Kincaid. What she doesn't count on, however, is falling head over heels for the competition.

My Thoughts:

This is my first time to read a book by Janice Thompson and I really enjoyed it! Picture Perfect is a feel good story that captures perfectly, the love and joy of family, falling in love, and the ups and downs of discovering who we are! Bella is a very successful photographer, however, she feels in life she may never get past the disappointments and the "almosts" that she has faced and recalled endlessly in her mind. It seems with every amazing opportunity she is given, she always seems to fall just short of where she should be. It doesn't help when Bella is given yet another phenomenal opportunity to photograph a wedding, but also in the running is her #1 competitor, Drew Kincaid, who also happens to be oh so handsome! Will Bella be able to believe in herself or will she come up short yet again??

Janice Thompson introduces us to some awesome people and families that would be a blast to spend time with! I could just hear the clanging of the dishes, the laughter and conversations as they all sat around the dinner table and I felt like I could just see the beautiful shots Bella captured through the eyes of her camera. I truly appreciated Bella's journey and how her awareness of who she is in Christ was portrayed. She shared her feelings of doubt and like so many of us, it took time to believe just how much we have to offer and how very special we are in Gods eyes!

I recommend Picture Perfect for any and all! If you have any teens that love to read, this would be a GREAT series for them to begin!

Thank you Donna and Revell books for allowing me this complimentary issue in exchange for my honest review!

Friday, 22 February 2013

The Bracelet

About the book:
Newly heartbroken and searching for purpose in her life, Abby Monroe is determined to make her mark as a UN worker in one of the world's most unstable cities: Peshawar, Pakistan. But after witnessing the brutal murder of a woman thrown from a building, she is haunted by the memory of an intricate and sparkling bracelet that adorned the victim's wrist.

At a local women's shelter, Abby meets former sex slaves who have miraculously escaped their captors. As she gains the girls' trust and documents their horrifying accounts of unspeakable pain and betrayal, she joins forces with a dashing New York Times reporter who believes he can incriminate the shadowy leader of the vicious human trafficking ring. Inspired by the women's remarkable bravery -- and the mysterious reappearance of the bracelet -- the duo traces evidence that spreads from remote villages of South Asia to the most powerful corners of the West, risking their lives to offer a voice to the countless innocents in bondage.

Author Bio
Roberta Gately, author of The Bracelet, has served as a nurse and humanitarian aid worker in war zones ranging from Afghanistan to Africa, about which she wrote a series of articles for the BBC World News Online. She is also the author of the novel Lipstick in Afghanistan.

My thoughts:

Oh my! The Bracelet is Soooo good! I absolutely could NOT put it down! At times I was on the edge of my seat and couldn't read fast enough LOL. I wouldn't normally pick up a book like this but I am sooo glad I was given the opportunity to review it! I just fell in love Abby Monroe and her journey is one that will inspire and astound you! After witnessing a horrible murder, she just can't let it go. Through Abby, author Roberta Gately, shares the horrific and devastating life of human trafficking. The leaders and those who are forced to live this life will break your heart and anger you all at the same time. Although this book focuses on this serious issue, there is also a bit of a romance that is just perfect!

I highly recommend The Bracelet and I soo look forward to more from Roberta Gately! Thank you so much Leyane Jerejian for allowing me this complimentary book in exchange for my honest review!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Gods of Mischief

The high-octane, no-holds-barred, true story of a bad guy turned good who infiltrated one of the most violent outlaw motorcycle gangs in history to take them down.

This is the high-octane, no-holds-barred, true story of a bad guy turned good who busted open one of the most violent outlaw motorcycle gangs in history.
George Rowe’s gritty and harrowing story offers not only a glimpse into the violent world of the motorcycle outlaw, but a gripping tale of self-sacrifice and human redemption that would be the stuff of great fiction—if it weren’t all true. Rowe had been a drug dealer, crystal meth addict, barroom brawler, and convicted felon, but when he witnessed the Vagos brutally and senselessly beat his friend over a pool game, everything changed.
Rowe decided to pay back his Southern California hometown for the sins of his past by taking down the gang that was terrorizing it. He volunteered himself as an undercover informant for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and vowed to dismantle the brotherhood from the inside out, becoming history’s first private citizen to voluntarily infiltrate an outlaw motorcycle gang for the U.S. government.
As “Big George,” a full-patched member of the Vagos, Rowe spent three brutal years juggling a double life—riding, fighting, and nearly dying alongside the brothers who he secretly hoped to put away for good. During this time, Rowe also became entwined in a tumultuous relationship with a struggling addict named Jenna, never once revealing that he was actually working for the Feds. The road to redemption was not an easy ride. Rowe lost everything: his family, his business, his home—even his identity.
To this day, under protection by the U.S. government, Rowe still looks over his shoulder, keeping watch for the brothers he put behind bars. They’ve vowed to search for him until the day they die.

Let me start of by saying...This book is NOT for everyone! It is definitely R rated! George Rowe tells his story, in his language, and shares his sex life at times, in great detail, so if that might be offensive then this book is NOT for you!

George Rowe's story is incredible. When I was given the option to review it and I read the excerpt, I was intrigued. I'm not sure what I expected but I can tell you I am still just shaking my head as to how this man was able to first survive the "prospect phase" while trying to become a Vagos member and secondly, living with them while working with the Feds to take them out and not being busted!!

It seems George had a rough life from the start. His parents split, his mother was an alcoholic and took George from bar to bar as she found a new "lover" every chance she got. The court granted his Father custody and when George was just a young kindergartner, his father removed him from school and took him away to live in the Cascades. His Father taught George many things that would prove to help him in his future but sadly, his father became ill and he and George had to move back to Southern California where he later passed away. He and George were watching tv when his father slumped over into George's lap and died. George was only 10 years old.

After a friend of George's went missing and he knew "who" was involved in his disappearance, he had to do something. He agreed to work with the Federal Government to bring down the Vagos. Honestly, everything that George had to do to "become" a Vagos was more than most people can endure in a lifetime, George endured it all in 3 very long years. Add to that, the stress of every single day wondering if you would live or die or even worse, be found out by those you are helping to put away!

His story is fascinating, but I have to wonder...If George happened to ever read this review, I don't think he would appreciate my choice of words. His story is far more than fascinating, it is an incredible story of a man who gave everything he had and in the end lost even more than that.with George did so much for his community, for his friend who disappeared, and for those who were abused, intimidated, and far worse by the Vagos. But George will live forever with one eye open wondering if the Vagos' have finally found him and have come to get their revenge.

I will not soon forget George Rowe or his story.

Thank you Ashley Hewlett and Touchstone Publishers for allowing me this book for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Redeeming Grace Review

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Redeeming Grace
Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas;
1st edition (February 28, 2013)
Ward Tanneberg


Ward Tanneberg is a pastor/writer/novelist who has given more than 50 years to evangelism, youth, college and pastoral ministry, including two Pacific Northwest churches and 23 years as the senior pastor at Valley Christian Center in Dublin, CA. In 2008, he was named President/Executive Director of The CASA Network. Ward speaks extensively at 50+ retreats and ministry leadership events in the USA and elsewhere. When at home he meets weekly with a group of business and professional leaders. He and Dixie have 2 children, 3 grandchildren, 4 step-grandchildren and a great grandson.


Seven years ago, Grace Grafton died in a boating accident while partying on the Georgia, South Carolina coast. Was her death the result of alcohol and drugs or something more sinister? Nobody knows: her body was never recovered. Now years later, a woman reads in disbelief the note addressed to her: Hello Grace, did you think we wouldn't find you?

Those nine chilling words end Grafton's self-imposed sanctuary of witness protection. Now she and everyone she loves are in grave danger. Long believed dead, she has a secret that can change the world. She knows the man running for president is guilty of a double murder! But who will believe her?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Redeeming Grace, go HERE.


When this book arrived in the mail for review, I was a bit nervous when I opened the package! It was HUGE-600 pages HUGE! But once I started reading, I couldn't stop! This is my first novel by author Ward Tanneberg and it certainly won't be last!

Redeeming Grace is a fast paced thriller, full of suspense and a great message to boot! I highly recommend!

Thanks To Bonnie @ Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for allowing me this complimentary book in exchange for my honest review!

Happy Reading

Thursday, 7 February 2013

5 Days to a Clutter-Free House

About the Book:While most of us aren't hoarders we can all benefit from assessing and reducing the clutter in our homes--and then organizing what's left. Many things stop us from succeeding: the sheer scope of the project, the tendency to lose momentum if the job takes too long, and the fact that we're always acquiring new clutter. But what if it really took only a week to de-clutter the whole house, and then you even had the weekend to relax and enjoy your new clutter-free space? Could it really be that simple?

Organizing and time management experts Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims show how with the right game plan and a healthy dose of adrenaline, anyone can de-clutter their home in just five days. With this systematic, team-based approach, even the most overwhelming de-cluttering job becomes doable. The authors' enthusiasm and energy keep readers pushing forward to the goal, and their time-tested tips and habits help readers maintain their hard-won gains. The authors even show how to deal with common obstacles to achieving and keeping a clutter-free house, like filing, storage needs, health issues, space restrictions, the car, and even family sabotage!

About the Authors:
Sandra Felton, The Organizer Lady®, is a pioneer in the field of organizing. She is the founder and president of Messies Anonymous, the author of many books, including Organizing Magic, and the coauthor of Organizing Your Day and Smart Office Organizing. She lives in Florida.

Marsha Sims is an international speaker and lecturer on time management and organization. She is the founder and president of Sort-It-Out, Inc. and Clutter-Free University. She is the coauthor of Organizing Your Day and Smart Office Organizing, and lives in Florida.

My Thoughts:

If there has EVER been a book that will Help you, Inspire you, Encourage you, and mostly Understand YOU, THIS IS THAT BOOK!

Authors Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims have such a wonderful way of making organizing completely doable! Not only do they have an excellent 5 days to a clutter free home system, but they also share in the second half of the book, how to make sure it stays this way! If you are like me, I can get the clutter GONE, but it is the staying gone that seems to trouble me! So this 2nd part of the book was and will be most beneficial for me.

Their system for de-cluttering calls for inviting a team to help you. I think for some, that might prove to be a hindrance, however, if you are really serious about getting rid of the clutter, then by all means, don't be shy or even ashamed. Just ask away and get busy knowing you have a goal and nothing will keep you from it!

As with any how-to book I think not all things will work the same for everyone but I would like to think that these ladies would love it if you learned and applied what WILL work for you! For me, the encouragement these ladies share just made me want to dig in and de-clutter and I hope the same for you! There is something so freeing when you can get rid of clutter!

Thank you so much Revell Books and Donna Hausler for allowing me this complimentary book in exchange for my honest review!