Thursday, 9 June 2011

Fashion With A Purpose

How many times have you gone out to dinner with your husband or to lunch with your girlfriends and JUST WISH there was a way to keep your purse from all the germs on the floor?? Or even worse, when you excuse yourself to the ladies room and the hook on the door is broken and you are forced to hang on to your purse???

Surely there is better way
! Well, guess what! THERE. IS. Introducing, The
FUMI Bracelet...This isn't JUST a no. no. It transforms into a HOOK to hold your purse on the table OR on the door ~ NO MORE DIRTY FLOORS AND GERMS!!! If you're like me and have a large purse, no worries, it holds up to 25lbs!

FUMI (Fashion with a Purpose
) has some other really GREAT items! Like this one~ the Keep Safe A ring holder. Instead of you removing your rings and placing them on the counter, just slip your ring(s)onto the Keep Safe and Gone is the chance of them falling into the sink and down the drain! Peace of mind AND it is soo affordable!!

Be sure to go Check out the Facebook FUMI page and "like" them! For the next 4 weeks they will be having a contest. Leave a comment letting them know which FUMI would benefit you the most and BE SURE TO LET THEM KNOW Broadcast Bloggers Campaign sent you :) OK!! At the conclusion of the 4 weeks FUMI will randomly pick a winner from the Facebook entries. Winners can choose either a Keep Safe/PurseHook Combo or a Keep Safe/Scarlett.

Thanks so much to Broadcast Bloggers for introducing me to FUMI

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To read more about these awesome products please visit defineYouphotography

DISCLAIMER: My personal story and all text links has been sponsored by "FUMI"