Monday, 18 April 2011

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels Parts 1 & 2 :)


I am joining the girls @ RHOK in sharing our thoughts on Oklahoma's Own Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond's newest book "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels ~ A Love Story" The RHOK girls shared their thoughts on Chapters 1-6 last week and finished through Part 2 or chapters 6-9 today. So needless to say, I will be combining all of them this first time :) K? K.

My friend Tamara introduced me to The Pioneer Woman's Blog. After seeing all of her UNBELIEVABLE talent ~ Photography, Cooking, Homeschooling etc. I immediately went out and got her cookbook. We have tried some of Ree's recipes and OH.MY.GOSH! The Woman KNOWS FOOD!

In her wildly popular Blog, REE refers to her husband as the Marlboro Man and is hopelessly madly in love with him. Her book "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" is ♥ Their Story ♥....

I am Loving this book! Ree is a self-proclaimed "city girl". She went to college in California, became a vegetarian, and loved the city life not to mention the night life. As her time wound down in college, so did her 4 yr. relationship with"J". Ree began making plans to head to Chicago, but first would make a "Pit-Stop" during Christmas to see her family in Oklahoma. Ree is definitely a VERY OUTGOING person ~ A sanguine for sure. She lives in the moment, so it was no surprise to learn that while spending an evening with friends, she looks across the room, and sees him.

A cowboy. His Hair. His Jeans. His boots. A Marlboro Man and to Ree.... A true Vision.

Ree making her way towards Marlboro Man, caught his attention as well and within minutes they were talking. Two hours, they sat and talked and talked. Then as if someone pulled an alarm, MM announced he had to go. Ree had just spent all this time talking to him and as she watched him walk out the door she realized....She didn't even know his name. But one thing she did know ~ things with "J' were coming to an end but how in the world would she tell him?

During her intended brief "Pit Stop," and exactly 4 months since spending 2 hours talking to Marlboro Man, Ree received a phone call on her cell phone. Fully expecting it to be a Friend named Walrus, she answered the phone "Hey Walrus!" SILENCE. "Walrus?" she repeated. Then she hears a deep voice saying "You might not remember me~ We me last Christmas?"

It was the Marlboro Man.

This phone call would prove to be the beginning of a true "Love Story." Ree, can make clumsy city girls appear completely adorable, despite falling out of trucks, driving in ditches, or even hitting their head on crow bars. She is a delight and her quirkiness just makes her that much more adorable. That Marlboro Man, Oh my my! He is Strong yet Sensitive, Take Charge but not Controlling, Thoughtful and Nice, and a man who loves and respects His Family. He is a Hard Worker but not a Work-a-holic, suffice it to say ~ He has VERY MANY WONDERFUL QUALITIES! :)

I have loved learning more about Ree and her Marlboro Man. It is the little things that make MM soo wonderful. The phone calls "Just Because" and I love how he "Just plans their date and says to Ree... I will be there to get you @ 5."

In chapters 6-9, their romance is heating up and Ree has finally given "J" the boot. That is, after he flew to OK with a ring, ready to propose, yet Ree had been very honest with him telling him NOT to come. I, for one, was glad to see him go, although I hated that he flew all the way to Ok., only to arrive at the airport and be told....yet again. "I don't want to see you and I will not be coming to the airport. Sorry. It is over!" Can't say she didn't tell him though :)

I really love how Ree and MM spend so much time together, talking endlessly, cooking dinners for one another. Just really developing a deep friendship. He courted her and for the first time in her life, Ree was learning what true love is. To feel safe and secure, to be sought after, to be adored. To honestly laugh with someone. "Being together" was their hobby ~ forgetting everything outside of their world or that path that led from her house to his. So when MM asked her to meet his brother her thoughts went something like this....

"You mean, we actually have to introduce other people into our relationship? You mean, there are other people in the world beside us?"
Oh how she cracks me up!

Ree is given some bad news in regards to her parents which rocks her world even though she is an adult. The news causes her to doubt Love and any type of long lasting commitement.

All in All, I am thoroughly enjoying "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels ~ A Love Story" and if you are a Food Network fan and like the Pioneer Woman you will be sooo glad to hear she is getting her own show! Filmed straight from her Ranch here in OK!

So til next time when we all get together to talk all things Marlboro Man ahem ;) I mean Pioneer woman ;)

Happy Reading Friends!
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