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Blessed ~ Review

About the book:
Sometimes we just need to stop for a moment and absorb the quiet moments in the world around us--to take a deep breath and appreciate the things in life that make us thankful and bring us joy. Blessed is a call to do just that. In this heartfelt collection of her online columns from Diane, the flagship magazine of the Curves women's fitness center organization, author Ellen Michaud reminds us of the everyday blessings that surround us, but we all tend to overlook.
Entries include:

Summer in a Jar: On a 200-acre farm known for its Jersey cows and prizewinning cheese, two women harvest a cornucopia of produce that looks like it came from the Garden of Eden. Although the visit was intended to pick up ingredients for "one of the finest salsas in the near world," the end result is a view of a fertile valley, the rich smell of vegetables freshly tugged from the earth that speaks to the soul, and the natural rhythm of friendly conversation.

The Teapot: During a snowy winter storm, the author pulls her great- grandmother's worn silver teapot down from a shelf. As she polishes the teapot's tarnished surface, she contemplates its long journey over an ocean and through the generations. As she discovers engraved hallmarks that lead to a deeper understanding of its 200-year history, her appreciation for the women who traveled with it grows.

Welcome Home: As an Airbus 321 begins its descent toward the coastal lights of Los Angeles International Airport, the pilot makes an overhead announcement that stills the restless and rustling passengers. What follows are moments of contemplation about the sacrifices of soldiers and, how regardless of one's politics, there is still a shared sense of love and respect for those who fight for our freedom.

The Courage to Change: After a lifetime of self-built barriers, the author's 88-year-old aunt overcomes discouraging memories and years of grief to prove that it's never too late to open yourself to new experiences, take risks, and start over.

Author Bio
Ellen Michaud, author of Blessed: Living a Grateful Life, is an award-winning author who has written for The New York Times, Washington Post, Better Homes and Gardens, Lady's Home Journal, Parents, Reader's Digest, and Prevention, where she was the editor-at-large for six years.

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"This book is awesome, buy it."
-- Diane Heavin, co-founder of Curves

My review:

Blessed ~ living a grateful life by Ellen Michaud is filled with short stories that remind us to stop and be grateful. To literally listen and pay attention to the things around us. In essence, stop and smell the roses per se'. To really slow down and appreciate the blessings that God has given us. It may be in the birds that are singing outside your window, or in the smile of a friend, or maybe it is having a change of perspective. Ellen shares stories that are broken down into chapters:

A Quiet Space
Finding Meaning
Making a Difference
Reinventing Who You Are
A Celebration of Friends & Family

The Book itself is so pretty, with very calming colors of blues and greens with the pages having a border of green that sets them off perfectly. Blessed ~ living a grateful life is a sweet book and would make a nice gift for any woman.

Thank you FSB Associates for providing me with this complimentary copy of Blessed, in exchange for my honest review

Yanni's Touch of Truth Cd - Review by Brian

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Do you Like Yanni? If so, you might have noticed he has been a little quiet for a few years.... a little over 8 years to be exact. He has returned and has a new album to share. "Touch of Truth." My husband, Brian is a Yanni fan, so who better to share this review than him! Below are his thoughts on this new CD....

This album is not the classic Yanni , although the precision and perfection of Yanni that we have all come to love is there. For me, this is more of a Sunday afternoon album as opposed to some of his other work that I love to listen to while driving. There were just not any break out points in the songs that I guess I was expecting. The song "Yanni & Arturo" has a bit of that. The vocals on "Cant Wait" are superb! Josh Grobin on "O Luce Che Brilla Nell Obscurita" is great but that goes without saying. My preference is no vocals when listening to Yanni. I think there is three or four songs that include vocals which was a little much for my liking. But it's not a deal breaker.
The bottom line is this is an excellent album, but don't go into it thinking you will jam out which is what I was hoping for. After I realized what type of album it was and what he was trying to say, I listened a second time and loved it . Buy it!

To visit Yanni's website: go here and to see if Yanni is coming to your town go here

I received a complimentary copy of Yanni's new CD A Touch of Truth from the One2One Network in exchange for our honest review.