Monday, 3 December 2012

Nowhere But Up

About the Book:
Most people only know her as Justin Bieber's mom, but Pattie Mallette has had an incredible journey of her own. Many people have heard of her son's rags to riches triumph. A few know she was a teen mom who had to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction. Even fewer know the rest of her story.

Now, for the first time in detail, Pattie shares with the world the story of a girl who felt abandoned and unloved. Of a teenager who made poor choices. Of a young woman who attempted suicide and could hardly believe that God would ever care for her. One who messed up, got pregnant, and got a second chance. Every reader will find themselves somewhere in Patti's painful journey of redemption. They will be encouraged by her example that what was once broken can become whole.

Patti's story will inspire readers to believe that even in the darkest of places, there's always hope. For those who feel unlovable, there's always love. And for those who believe they're a lost cause, there's always room for another chance.

About the Author:
Pattie Mallette, known to most of the world as Justin Bieber's mom, is more than just the mother of a world-renowned pop sensation. Pattie walks a rarely traveled road parenting her son through the unpredictable journey of fame. As a young woman and a single mom, she fought hard to rise above her painful past of abuse, shame, and poverty. Pattie hopes to encourage troubled youth, struggling single moms, and the broken-hearted through her story. She continues to expand her outreach to young women and youth (including her nearly 1 million followers on Twitter) while overseeing the management of Justin and his team. Follow her on Twitter (@studiomama).

An accomplished ghostwriter, A. J. Gregory has collaborated with fascinating high-profile figures on nearly twenty books. She is also the author of Silent Savior and Messy Faith.

My Thoughts:

WOW!! I had heard bits and pieces of Patti Mallette's story here and there but to hear it told from start to finish left me in awe! Complete and total AWE!

Patti shares her life story from a very young age up to today. To say she had a rough childhood wouldn't even be close to the truth. She has experienced things that no person should have to go through, let alone a child at the tender age of 3-5 yrs. old.
From years and years of sexual abuse, plus abandonment issues and all that comes from that, Patti found herself lost in drugs and alcohol attempting to cover up the pain.
Everywhere she turned, it seemed those she felt she could trust, would prove her wrong again and again.

After years of doing things "Her way" and finding herself in and out of toxic relationships, Patti finds out she is pregnant. She is more than convinced that being pregnant is just not true and asks to do the test again. This stubborn mind-set continues to play in other circumstances that arise in her life. Like when she asks God for a sign, or maybe it's just that HE is giving her one and she is DETERMINED not to believe it could be from HIM. I had to laugh at these situations in which God most definitely met Patti right where she was, at that point in her life!! HIS Love for her is amazing, HIS patience is humbling, and HIS pursuit of her is just jaw dropping awesome! But isn't that just the way HE is for all of us!!

Patti's story is one that inspires and leaves you speechless at the same time. Truly, her decision to share her life story,will no doubt touch the lives of many! Whether you are a single mom or maybe someone who fights depression & addictions, or maybe you question your relationship with Christ....this book will give you hope and share the GRACE that God gives so freely! I can't help but think of the Scripture that says "What the enemy meant for harm, God turns it into good!"

Patti is such a precious person! I remember a part in Justin's "Never say Never" movie, where Patti and Justin's manager, Scooter Braun, set out to, "Go Bless Someone". Just before each concert, she and Scooter look for someone or maybe even a group to receive either "front row seats or back stage passes.' One lucky girl will also be the recipient of going on stage and have Justin sing right to her! Can you imagine??
The joy on Patti's face when she announces to those whom they have just blessed is priceless. Clearly, Patti learned the gift of giving, of paying it forward and is able to do so with many unsuspecting people out there. She has taught Justin to do the same but more importantly she taught him, WHO gave him his gifts and talents! She taught him God's Word and HIS Ways, and gave him a godly foundation. Truly Patti knows, life is hard, but when you have Christ with you - all things are possible, and when you are at the end of your rope, there is nowhere to go but UP!

This book is most definitely 5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥'s

Thank you Donna and Revell Publishing, A division of Baker Publishing Group, for allowing me this complimentary book in exchange for my honest review!

Happy Reading!