Monday, 15 February 2010

The Familiar Stranger

I have wanted to share this review for a very long time! This book is one of my Favorite books! I was unable to participate in the Book Tour due to the situation at the time with my Dad. So without further ado....

Craig and Denise Middleton are the average couple. He has a thriving dental business and she is a mom to their children doing what moms do....carpooling, supporting their kids, the husbands along with being involved in their church. Denise believes their marriage is going along just fine but she receives a devastating phone call during the middle of church that Craig has been in an accident! She rushes to the hospital and the world as she knew it begins to unravel, one bit of information at a time!

Sunday morning when Craig woke up he decided he did not want to go to church. He wanted some time to just be alone and although he did ask his boys if they wanted to join him, they declined knowing their mother would not want them to miss church. Craig sets off to his plans for the day.....this will take you on a journey from that page forward!

This book was absolutely hard for me to put down! It was a mystery full of marriage issues along with secrets, deceptions, and learning forgiveness and will keep you guessing until the very end!!

Here is the book info from the back cover:
Craig Littleton's decision to end his marriage would shock his wife, Denise . . . if she knew what he was up to. When an accident lands Craig in the ICU, with fuzzy memories of his own life and plans, Denise rushes to his side, ready to care for him.

They embark on a quest to help Craig remember who he is and, in the process, they discover dark secrets. An affair? An emptied bank account? A hidden identity? An illegitimate child?

But what will she do when she realizes he's not the man she thought he was? Is this trauma a blessing in disguise, a chance for a fresh start? Or will his secrets destroy the life they built together?

This book is such a great book and I highly recommend it! It is Christina Berry's first novel and I am soooo excited to see what she comes out with next

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Barbie said...

WOW, sounds intense. I remember watching a movie called by the same name. Do you know if the movie was made into a book. The move was intense!

Heart2Heart said...


This definitely sounds like a must read for me, I know if I picked this up I would be done with it in a matter of hours!

Thanks for the recommendation.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Christina Berry said...

Loren, thank you for posting this despite what you were going through with your dad. I LOVE that it's one of your favorite books and that you want to spread the word. :)

Thank you for your support!

Denise said...

I think this sounds like a very good book.

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