Monday, 17 May 2010

Bringing up Girls

Help your daughters meet the challenges that come their way and become the healthy, happy, and successful women you want them to be. Based on research done by Dr. James Dobson and written in his down-to-earth and good-humored style, Bringing Up Girls will do for parents of girls what Bringing Up Boys did for parents of boys. Hardcover. A Focus on the Family Recommendation.

Back of the book:

Peer pressure. Eating disorders. Decisions about love, romance, and sex. Academic demands. Life goals and how to achieve them. These are just some of the challenges that girls face today ~ and the age at which they encounter them is getting younger and younger. As a parent, how are you guiding your daughter on her journey to womanhood? Are you equipping her to make wise choices? Whether she's still playing with dolls or in the midst of the often-turbulent teen years, is she truly secure in her identity as your valued and loved daughter?

My Review:

As I expected this book is a phenomenal resource in raising daughters. The advice ranges from how we are made to cultural influences, the importance of the fathers role, and of course purity and puberty. I really appreciate the chapter on bullying as it is so important these days to look for those situations. All in all this book has a common denominator in all areas for me.
COMMUNICATION AND BEING ACTIVE IN YOUR CHILDS LIFE! Talking to them about what is going their bodies, in their friendships, at school, their emotions ~ everything! Talk. Talk. Talk. No matter what type your family is we can always talk to our children! This book is a must for anyone participating in raising a daughter. Grandparents can benefit. Aunts, Day Care providers, they too can benefit. I recommend this book to every parent out there!

to read the first chapter go here
I received this book complimentary from Tyndale Publishers in return for this honest review. No compensation of any kind was given.


Denise said...

Great review.

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We are definitely going to have to have a serious book swap when it slows down. This sounds amazing.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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Thanks for the good review! I bought this recently, and just need to find time to read it!

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