Thursday, 27 May 2010

What is on your nightstand?

It has been such a crazy week this week and I haven't posted much here so I thought I would just share what I am reading in between all the exciting celebrations going on at our house!

I was contacted by an author ~ Cathy Bryant. She asked me to review her book "Texas Roads"

WOW! This book is so good and if I didn't have all these other things going on I would have already finished it! I am so thankful she contacted me to review this book! I look forward to sharing my review with you in just a few days!

Next up is

They almost always come Home by Cynthia Ruchti. I have been wanting to read this ever since I saw this on so many book blogs!

After that will be

Shades of Morning by Marlo Shaelsky

What is on your nightstand for this week?


Heart2Heart said...


Please stop by my blog today for another Urgent Prayer request, this time its for my family.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Andrea said...

I have several urgent prayer requests on arise 2 write...andrea

Denise said...

I love you, and you read such great books.

Audrey; (AyC) said...

Ooh, thanks for bringing these books to my attention. My nightstand.. uhm a Ted Dekker book my friend recommended to me like crazy (Thr3e) have you read it? I haven't started :P

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