Friday, 30 July 2010

A bit of me ~ My greatest phobia

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We all leave our “footprint” on the world, in one way or another. We each, individually, do something or are someone that makes the world a little better just by being here. I created this weekly meme to get to know the blogging community I love just a bit better. To know what makes them tick, outside of books, that is. Each week I will post a question to be answered in the following week’s “A Bit of Me(Me)”. Check back each Saturday to get the info for next week’s post and link up with your current post right here.
I know, some of you are skeptical about putting yourself out there on the internet and I completely respect that. That’s the entire reason I have no desire to ever reveal the “real” names of The Turkeybird and Littlebug. In time, once they’re old enough, if they chose to do that on their own I will respect their decision. So, if ever during the time I’m doing this meme do you feel the question is just too personal for your liking, feel free to post something else, I never want anyone to feel uncomfortable with what they share and I promise it will always be “kid-friendly”. I mean, this is a primarily children’s and young adult site, you know?
So, let’s get started!
This Weeks Question: Your absolute greatest phobia.

hmmm. Weirdly enough. Frogs! and YES ~ it goes back to my childhood! Ahem little brother ;)

Don't like them. Run from them and if you hear me squeal, most likely there is a frog near! There you have it!

Have a blessed weekend and Happy Reading


Denise said...

I do not like frogs either sis. Rats, and snakes are my true fears.

The Readings of a Busy Mom said...

I so so understand that phobia...they are scary little things ;o)

Brenda said...

I think I have to agree with Denise rats and snakes are the worst, along with mice and spiders :)

Yolanda said...

I absolutely detest frogs as well!!!!

The1stdaughter said...

When you put that picture there like that, eeck! Absolutely! I just have no desire to have those slimy things in my hands, ugh. Great pick!

PS...thank you so much for your comment. It meant a great deal to me.

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I don't like frogs either! And when you mentioned them, I thought of another fear that I didn't mention in my post...bats. I once lived in the foothills and a couple of times, a bat got into the house and was flying around crazily. I freaked.

But here's what I wrote about today:

melissa @ 1lbr said...

I kind of like frogs. But, I totally think lots of our fears come from childhood experiences.

CMash said...

I also don't like any icky animals too. When we went to Aruba, iguanas are everywhere and I did not like sitting by the pools with them running by. But, lol, I would go back lol. God Bless you.

Melissa said...

Like the other Melissa, I don't have a problem with frogs, but you mentioned having a brother to thank for that fear. I didn't have a brother, only male cousins, and most of the time, I was just as curious as they were about frogs.

One frog fear-ish was the 3-legged one I had to dissect in 10th grade. It had 3 regular appendages and one, for lack of a better term, stump, which couldn't be pinned down. Strange...

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I dont mind frogs - I do like the picture :)

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