Sunday, 24 October 2010

Which None Can Shut

Imagine a place where becoming a Christian is a punishable crime—and your own family exacts the punishment. Where those who spread the gospel among locals are deported if discovered. Where converts to Christianity face persecution, isolation, or even death as the price for their faith. “Reema Goode” and her family are Christians working in a closed Middle Eastern country where all of these things are true. Yet they are also firsthand witnesses of a whole new trend that is taking shape in missions to Muslims. Despite all obstacles, God is opening miraculous doors in the Islamic world, where an unprecedented number of Muslims are becoming followers of Jesus. In this powerful collection of personal stories, Reema takes us deep inside her Arab neighborhood to show how God is opening doors in just one of many Islamic communities. As she walks us through everyday life in a Muslim town, she reveals the diverse, creative, unexpected, and thrilling ways God is reaching her neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it.”—Revelation 3:8


A few weeks ago @ LifeChurch we had a series entitled "I Believe In You" by Pastor Craig Groeschel. It was an awesome series and one I gleened MUCH from! ONE of the many things I learned that really spoke to me was when Pastor Craig talked about just "living life together" with those you want to minister to or mentor. In this book " Which None Can Shut" Reema Goode practices this very thing. Reema and her Husband and children live their lives listening to the LORD in every circumstance that HE presents. They listen to what the Spirit says and are obedient to the call and because of this sooo many doors have been opened and lives are being changed in the islamic world. What struck me the most is that this family never allows fear to keep them from doing the Will of God ...they come face to face with evil spirits, and health issues that have no hope. Regardless of what the situation is the Goode family calls upon the name of the Lord and see HIM work in the lives of HIS children!

Which None Can Shut will inspire you in ways that are indescribable! I recommend this book for everyone and truly could not say enough about this amazing testimony am soo thankful for the opportunity to have read it! Thank you Tyndale Publishers for this complimentary copy in exchange for this honest review.

If you would like to read the first chapter go here

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