Thursday, 4 November 2010

Letters to Ethan~ Review

This is a very special review because I can completely relate with the heart of the matter in this book, "Letters to Ethan." Author, Tom McQueen has written this book for the sole purpose of sharing his heart, his life, his thoughts, and even his past mistakes and experiences with his Grandson in the hope of him learning and gleening from each page. In this book Mr. McQueen shares on such topics as Faith, Greed, Friendship, Risks, Goals, Respect and soo much more!

Each topic is a wealth of knowledge and a life time of experience. You can just feel the love in each letter and on every page that Mr. McQueen has for his grandson but also for those who are reading it. It will inspire you to think about doing something similar for your own children and/or grandchildren! It will encourage any new parents to ponder these things as you begin your journey with your children!

One of my favorite quotes from the chapter on Sacrifice (pg 122)

"What's really interesting, Ethan, is that the things that I thought would bring me the most satisfaction in life
were not that rewarding when I actually acquired them or experienced them. Whether the things that I sought
were tangible or intangible made no difference."
"On the other hand, as I look back on my life now after all these years, I can see clearly that anytime I found myself
in a position to make a sacrifice for a person or an ideal that mattered, my sense of self-worth and personal
satisfaction seemed to be enriched a hundredfold."
"Not only that, the positive results associated with successfully undertaking my sacrifice produced a sense of personal
well-being that far outlasted the happiness I had experienced in acquiring any material possession or in receiving a gift."

I HIGHLY recommend Letters To Ethan to anyone and everyone but especially to those who are raising children! This is a wonderful gift for any new parents to be!!

Thank you Mr. McQueen for allowing me this wonderful opportunity to review your book and allowing me this complimentary copy in exchange for this honest review! What a wonderful gift and legacy you have given your family! Bless you!


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