Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Those Silly Sisters ~ Swimming in the Rain

About the Book:
Katie and Claire absolutely love adventures. But even more than adventures, they adore being silly. Thankfully for them, their Mommy loves that too! In their first adventure, Katie and Claire wake up excited for one of Mommy's special "promise days". Unfortunately, they quickly discover that a cloudy, rainy day has put a stop to their plans.

Luckily, Katie quickly thinks of a way to turn the day into one of their most memorable ever! Be sure to join the silly sisters as they embark on many more amazing adventures!

Erica is a mom to two beautiful little girls and also happens to be an author of this adorable childrens book! Just seeing the cover makes me smile and want to read it, doesn't it you!!?? This is the first book for Erica and she already has a 2nd book in mind. (Those Silly Sisters ~ Comfy Cozy Tea Party) She is walking this one step at a time with the Lord and bringing glory and honor to HIM first and foremost! If you would like to purchase this adorable book you can do so here Today Erica will be hosting a giveaway in honor of her daughters birthday. She will be drawing around 7:29 pm. since that is when her precious Brea was born :) How cool is that! If you would like to enter hurry on over to Erica's blog and enter

Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

My little great nieces would love this book and I have so many blog friends who have tea parties with their grands, they would love this next book due out too. Thanks!

Sandy said...

Loren, I'm so glad you went over to Erica's blog from mine, and came back here to do this. You did such a great job!
You should go back to her blog and to her friend who is giving away one of Erica's books tomorrow!

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