Monday, 20 December 2010

Facelift ~ Review

About the book:

Kaye Redmond, a "can do" kind of woman, has the magical touch when it comes to staging houses to attract buyers. Her ability to make things "perfect" has served her well in her career. If only it could transform her personal life as well. With a failed marriage, an angry teenage daughter, and an ex-mother-in-law who is no fairy godmother, Kaye's life is about as imperfect as it gets.

But sometimes.....

Blessings come in the strangest packages. Like her ex-mother-in-law landing on Kaye's doorstep after a botched facelift. Could caring for the impossible woman help Kaye get what she wants most: her husband back? Isn't that what God would want and what her daughter needs? But no fairy princess ever faced such obstacles: and ex-husband's surgically enhanced mistress, hormonal teenagers, and -- worst of all-- an extra handsome prince! How's a woman supposed to find happily-ever-after with all that going on?

My Review:

I have to say I had a love/hate relationship with this story line. The story of Kaye Redmond caring for her ex-mother-in-law was more than frustrating for me to read. Marla (the ex-mother-in-law) is verbally abusive & very condescending to say the least. Cliff, Kaye's ex-husband and Marla's son, manipulates Kaye into caring for HIS mother after she has a botched facelift. Kaye wants nothing more than to have Cliff come home and have her family back together so she is willing to do anything to make that happen. (And I mean ANYTHING!) At times, I thought the book should have been titled "The things we do for love!"

Izzie, Kaye's daughter is going through her typical teenage years but even Izzie sees clearly that her mother needs to stand up for herself when it comes to her grandmother as well as her Father. Izzie has a great heart and as the storyline unfolds, she matures into a precious young woman and her relationship with her mother becomes quite special.

Jack, a man who needs Kaye's assistance to "stage" his home so he can get it ready to sell. Jack is very handsome and quite charming! He knows all the right things to do and to say, but she wants her ex back afterall ....right??

Facelift, I would have to say is a story of finding yourself. Each character, from Kaye all the way to Marla are in a place that they don't quite know what or who they are, or that life's hurts have taken over and their behavior clearly shows that! They think they know who they are and for some, they think they are doing what God would want. This Journey takes this family on a path to finding out some things about themselves, some things about life as well as reminding themselves who they are in Christ instead of who the world thinks they are.

Facelift is a good read and one that reminds us that no matter what changes and challenges life brings us the only constant is the Lord. HIS Love is Unconditional! HE is with us ALWAYS and will NEVER leave us.

Heart of a Bookworm rates this ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks to Julie @ B&H books for this complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review!
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