Thursday, 16 December 2010

How Much More Longer ~ Review

About the Book & Author:

Steve Elder, a sough-after speaker, wealth advisor, professional coach, husband, and father, often counsels people about their life goals. His painful experiences ~ a near death car crash and later a bankruptcy ~ led him to ask hard questions about his life's purpose: What is it that you want? And how much longer will you wait to honestly answer that question? With a passion born of deep trauma and tough choices. How Much More Longer will convince you that the time to decide how to live is now.

My Review:
How Much More Longer is the story of author Steve Elder. The trials and tribulations that Steve faced physically, emotionally and financially are unbelievable. I think his story is one that many could relate too. You know, we all have our life planned out in our minds ~ we live our life doing the normal day in day out activities but in Steve's case day his normal changed forever.
He faced his challenges, determined to conquer them, surrounded by his loving family who walked by his side daily.

Life continued for Steve and once again he found himself facing Pain in a new form. Steve's story will encourage you to see Pain in a whole new way. To embrace it, allow it to help you look within and find it's Purpose! Steve's story will challenge you, inspire you to ask yourself some deep questions and he provides some of those questions to ponder at the end of each chapter.

I read this book straight through and was so inspired and honestly saw Pain in a whole new way. To me, Pain can be paralyzing in so many instances but Steve will show you why it should be embraced. I will definitely spend some time going back and sitting down with these questions and pondering them as well as seeking the Lord to bring about revelation on the "feelings" (fears) that I have most likely swept under the rug (per se') or just flat out ignored because I didn't want to face them!

How Much More Longer is a wonderful book and one that I feel so many could relate to and learn from! Steve is as real as one can be and his story is one that provides many lessons for others to learn from. I am thankful to have read this book for sure!

Thank you Maryglenn McCombs for providing me with this complimentary book in exchange for my honest review! How Much More Longer is a ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ FOR SURE! I would clearly recommend this to everyone!

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