Thursday, 9 December 2010

Recipes for a Beautiful Life~ Review

About the Book:

Each Good day is a Gift from God! A life open to God and filled with the beauty around you, sharing it with those you love, and finding time to relax so you can be the best you can be: these are the Recipes for a Beautiful Life!"

"Madaline and Julie have created a "time-out" for women in Recipes for A Beautiful Life. Enjoyable pictures and Scriptures, refreshing herbal bath treatments and rejuvenating homemade facial products to encourage us to take a few minutes to renew our bodies and souls.
Beth Lester, Owner Home Staging Designs of California

My Review:

I am always looking for great books and even better ~ books that make great gifts! This is just that book! It is filled with precious Pictures and Scriptures that will speak to your heart. You will find some great recipes that will help you spend some quiet time with the Lord or just relaxing yourself. We all love a little pampering every now and then don't we??

Recipes for a Beautiful Life is a wonderful book and one that I would recommend to all! It is one that would be perfect lying on your coffee table or one that would make a great dinner conversation piece with your children. Take a page a night and share your thoughts on the pictures, Scriptures or just how that particular page spoke to each person!

Thank you so much for the complimentary issue in exchange for my honest review!

Happy Reading!


Andrea said...

Great review! Hope you are doing well and your arm has not been stretched into a stretch Armstrong position!
Love, prayers, and hugs,

mike draper said...

Very heart felt review. You don't just tell about the book but give the good advice to share it with those you love.

Please stop over at my blog and say hi.

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