Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Yesterday's Promise ~ Review

Sometimes when I am choosing books to review I am so intent on what the book is about that I forget to see if they are a "series" or not. I hate getting a 2nd or 3rd book in a series(for review) and not have a clue what is going on! Well guess what ya'll...I did just that! I fell in love with the author Vanessa Miller when I reviewed her book A Long Time Coming
so when the opportunity came to review another one of her books I was thrilled! I received A Promise of Forever Love and quickly realized it was BOOK 3 in her Second Chance @ Love Series

I decided to order the first 2 books for myself and read them. Let me just say.... I am sooo glad I did! The first book titled Yesterday's Promise by Vanessa Miller is EXCELLENT!

Melinda Johnson is the daughter of Bishop Langston Johnson. She has been called to Preach the Gospel and feels strongly that is what she wants and more importantly what God wants her to do. When the times comes for Melinda's Father to retire she is certain she will be next in line to take his place. Much to Melinda's surprise, her Father appoints Steven Marks as his successor. Steven also happens to be Melinda's ex-fiance and a man who believes that NO WOMAN should preach in a church! (A big reason why he is her EX ~ LOL)

Disappointed and heart broken, Melinda cannot believe her father has broken his promise and coming face to face with Steven again, she is reminded of all those reasons they broke up. Melinda is forced to take a journey of forgiveness and learns she must fight for her dreams.

God does an amazing work in the hearts of Steven and Melinda and I believe Yesterday's Promise is a wonderful book. For me, personally I have to say this book pointed out some very personal things and I am thankful for the Lords timing in my life in reading this book! I know that it was not by chance that I felt led to read these books!

Book 2 is titled A Love for Tomorrow I will share the review for this one as well very soon.

Book 3 and the one I chose for review is A Promise of Forever Love This review will come February 21st!

Happy Reading all!


Shug said...

Thanks for sharing....I love your blog. I appreciate your great passion for books.

Joy Tamsin David said...

Oooh, looking forward to the reviews for these. Are they romance or more woman's fiction? I've been looking for a romance with black characters. Do you have to read the whole series, or do you think the later titles could stand alone?

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