Monday, 4 April 2011

Not by Chance ~ Review

My Review:
Sometimes I am privileged to be asked by an author to review their book instead of having to choose which books I would like to read by various publishing companies. This book happens to be one in which the author asked me to review. Lynn Cochrane Leonard blessed me a complimentary copy of her book and I can't tell you how fortunate I feel to have read her story.

From the time Lynn was a little girl, until this very day, she has not only seen Gods Faithfulness, but she learned the valuable lesson of Perseverance. Lynn shares stories that will inspire you, and encourage you, as you read how God was with her during serious health issues, financial hardships, depression, and much more.

We all experience days in which we struggle and for some you might even wonder if God is with you or if HE is hearing your prayers. In reading "Not By Chance" you will see situation after situation in which God is absolutely ALWAYS there and ALWAYS Listening to us. Lynn's Story shares countless examples and will encourage you to look at your own situations ~ and see the hand of God at work

Thank you so very much Lynn for allowing me the gift of reading and reviewing your book! I will wholeheartedly recommend this book to any and all!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥'s for sure!

About the Book:

Recognizing God's Guidance
Christian author believes devastating times are a test of true faith

Phoenix, AZ - Feb 15, 2011 - In dark times, one may choose to cling to their faith or abandon it.
In her new book, Not by Chance: God's "Coincidental" Guidance of My Life, author Lynn
Cochrane Leonard shows readers how God revealed himself in her darkest times and brought her
through her most trying circumstances and severest illnesses.

New York Times bestselling author, Doug Wead, calls Not By Chance "A wonderful, inspiring,
unforgettable roller coaster ride that will leave you breathless and amazed at God's goodness."
Not By Chance tells the inspiring story of God's hand in one woman's life journey. A series of
remarkably improbable events signal the paths she should follow as she confronts myriad
challenges including polio, devastating accidents, major depression, divorce, unemployment and
multiple sclerosis.

Discover how, during this arduous journey, God faithfully provides for Lynn's employment,
education and a sense of purpose. Rejoice when God also blesses her with improved health and
leads her on a path of service to others who also confront physical, financial, emotional and
spiritual challenges. Leonard states:

"Given the many challenges people are facing today, Not By Chance offers hope to those who
are feeling overwhelmed-- whether from job loss, lack of health insurance, health challenges,
divorce, custody issues and of course from depression that today is almost pandemic. Each
chapter of Not By Chance is brief, engages the reader, and shows God at work. The book
demonstrates how the combination of prayer, faith and perseverance truly do produce results,
albeit on God's timetable which may not coincide with our own."

Leonard believes this book will help readers become more aware of God's "coincidental"
guidance in their own lives. As a Christian and psychotherapist, she understands the power of
belief and recognizes faith is tested during these discouraging times. She hopes Not By Chance
will lead Christians to a stronger faith and agnostics to embrace the gift of faith.

About the author:
Lynn Cochrane Leonard is a native of South Carolina. Upon her physicians' urging, she relocated
to the metropolitan Phoenix area of Arizona where she has resided for 46 years. Lynn recently
retired from practice as a psychotherapist. Today, through Not By Chance, Lynn seeks to help
others deepen their spiritual confidence by becoming aware of the improbable events in their
own lives. Lynn is a voracious reader and has written both poetry and prose since early
childhood. Lynn is also passionately interested in the area of Health and Wellness and the
empowerment of individuals through spiritual development, financial self-determination and

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