Saturday, 21 May 2011

Gaining Independence!

I can remember when my kids were young, I loved watching them learn! Gaining independence gave them such self esteem and confidence. Being a parent is such a gift and also a Huge responsibility. As parents, we teach, we love and nurture them, and if you are like me ~ safety is very important as well!

As the kids got older we no longer had the locks on the cabinet doors keeping them away from harmful chemicals, or the tabs in the electrical sockets to keep their little fingers from shocking themselves. However, all of that changed when we became GRANDPARENTS!! It is amazing how many products have changed, making a parents job much easier! I especially love it when something comes out that is so simple, yet provides safety and independence for small children! You can't beat that can you!

Let me share with you the AWESOME Kid Switch

The #1 Child Safety Product 3 Years in a Row!! WOW!

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