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Canary Island Song ~ Review

This week, the
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Canary Island Song
Howard Books; Original edition (July 5, 2011)
Robin Jones Gunn


Robin Jones Gunn was born in Wisconsin and lived on a dairy farm until her family moved to southern California when she was five years old. She grew up in Orange County and spent her summers at Newport Beach with friends from her church youth group. After attending Biola University and Capernwray Bible School in Austria, Robin and Ross were married and spent the next two decades working together in youth ministry.

It was the young teens at Robin’s church who challenged her to write stories for them. She hadn’t thought much about being a writer, but took their request to heart and set her alarm for 3am, three days a week. With two small children it was the only time she could find to write the first story about Christy Miller. After two years and ten rejections the novel Summer Promise was accepted for publication in 1988. Robin hasn’t stopped writing since. Over 4 million copies of her 75 books have sold and can be found in a dozen translations all over the world.

Robin and her husband now live in Hawai’i where Ross is a counselor and Robin continues to write to the sound of tropical birds chattering in the palm trees outside her window. Their children are grown but manage to come to the islands with their families every chance they get. Robin's awards include: three Christy awards for excellence in fiction, a Gold Medallion finalist, Mt. Hermon Pacesetter and the Mt. Hermon Writer of the Year award. Robin travels extensively and is a frequent key-note speaker at various events around the world. She serves on the Board of Directors for Media Associates International and Jerry Jenkin’s Christian Writer’s Guild.


When Carolyn’s grown daughter tells her she needs to “get a life,” Carolyn decides it’s time to step out of her familiar routine as a single woman in San Francisco and escape to her mother’s home in the Canary Islands. Since Carolyn’s mother is celebrating her seventieth birthday, the timing of Carolyn’s visit makes for a perfect surprise.

    The surprise, however, is on Carolyn when she sees Bryan Spencer, her high school summer love. It’s been seven years since Carolyn lost her husband, but ever since that tragic day, her life has grown smaller and closed in. The time has come for Carolyn to get her heart back. It takes the gentle affection of her mother and aunts, as well as the ministering beauty and song of the islands to draw Carolyn into the fullness of life. She is nudged along by a Flamenco dance lesson, a defining camel ride and the steady gaze of Bryan’s intense blue-gray eyes.

    Is it too late for Carolyn to trust Bryan? Can Carolyn believe that Bryan has turned into something more than the wild beach boy who stole her kisses so many years ago on a balmy Canary night?

    Carolyn is reminded that Christopher Columbus set sail from the Canary Islands in 1492 on his voyage to discover the New World. Is she ready to set sail from these same islands to discover her new life?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Canary Island Song, go HERE.

My Review:

If you wanted to take a trip this summer but weren't able to, Canary Island Song might just be the answer! Robin Jones Gunn takes the reader and the feeling is as if they are right there on the Island! The breeze blowing in your hair and the beauty that is surrounding you at every glance! This story is just wonderful!

Tragic struck Carolyn, when she lost her husband 7 years ago. Slowly, but surely, she has carried that grief with her all of these years. Her daughter tells her she needs to "get a life!" So, She decides to go to the Canary Islands and see her Mom. It provides the perfect opportunity to surprise her Mom on her 70th bday! As is usually the case, when one spends time on an island, with the peaceful surroundings and all that the ocean has to give, Carolyn starts seeing things differently! She even reunites with an old flame from long ago, Bryan. But has he grown up at all, over the years? Will she be able to trust him or even trust God?

Carolyn is able to spend time with her family members as well, but will their time together bring them closer or tear them apart?
Will Carolyn open her heart to God and allow HIM to show her how she can have all new relationships with those she cares for?

Canary Island Song is an Excellent Read! Mothers and Daughters will love this book. It is filled with Hope for those grieving as well! If you want a Fabulous summer read...CANARY ISLAND SONG is for you!

Thanks so much CFBA for allowing me this complimentary book in exchange for my honest review! A 5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥'s FOR SURE!

Happy Reading!


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