Sunday, 4 August 2013

Grace and Daisies

About the Book:
On Grace Barney's fifteenth birthday, her mother announces she's divorcing her sixth husband. In order to get Grace out of her way, she sends her across the country to stay with a sister Grace hasn't seen in nine painful years. Grace feels confused and hurt as she struggles to forgive and understand the sister she barely knows anymore. But when Grace experiences a tragedy that summer that will haunt her the rest of her life, she delves deeper into a darkness from which it seems there is no coming back. 

After fifteen-year-old Daisy Price's mother is killed in a car accident, she moves across the country to live with an aunt she can only vaguely remember from her childhood--an aunt, Daisy soon learns, being tormented by painful secrets. Daisy comes to rely on her faith more than ever as she deals with the loss of her mother and the difficulty of living with a troubled woman being torn apart by her past.

Grace and Daisies is most appropriate for ages fifteen and up.

My thoughts:

I have to begin by thanking Author Dusti Bowling for contacting me & asking if I might read &  review "Grace and Daisies!" I was blessed to have read her debut novel "The Day we Met"  and absolutely could not say enough good about it! Suffice to say that having the opportunity to read 
her latest novel, I was THRILLED!! 

Grace and Daisies is an EXCELLENT READ. The storyline is so real and so current and I just felt for both Grace and Daisy. What I love about Dusti's writing is that she is not afraid to share the good, the bad, and the sometimes very ugly!!  I found myself heartbroken for Grace so many times throughout her story but as it is in life, we all have a past, and carry burdens that aren't ours to carry. Grace's journey is certainly a tough one!

Daisy is a precious young woman and I just loved her and her willingness to do Gods Will no matter what the circumstance!  Her Faith will inspire you and her sweet Spirit was soo precious to see even in times when she could have done just the opposite !!

Grace and Daisies is a story of hope! Even in the worst of circumstances God can come and heal your heart, and allow forgiveness to set you free. 

Thank you again Dusti for allowing me this opportunity! I shed tears, and laughed out loud too, and THAT, is when you know you've read a BEAUTIFUL STORY!


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