Monday, 11 April 2011

Final Summit ~ Review

About the Book:

David Ponder is back and this time the fate of mankind may be in his hands.

David Ponder is in a race against time. He's been chosen by the archangel Gabriel to lead a summit of fellow travelers, using their wisdom and experience to save mankind before all that is known is destroyed. Though reluctant, Ponder soon finds himself traveling to the most unlikely of places to interview the most fascinating of subjects such as Winston Churchill, Joan of Arc, and Abraham Lincoln.

Will the group come up with the answer in time? What could possibly be the one action that could turn the tides of history?

The Final Summit is the long-awaited sequel to The Traveler's Gift but will stand alone as its own compelling and important parable with truths for our times.

My Review:

I read Andy Andrews book The Traveler's Gift and enjoyed it VERY MUCH! I was thrilled to learn there was a sequel and that I would have the opportunity to read and review it.

David Ponder is 74, is a very successful business man, and has recently been widowed. David misses his beloved wife so much and wishes his life would end soon so that he could be with her in heaven. In the sequel, "The Final Summit" David is reunited with many of his Traveler friends. They are presented with a question from the Angel Gabriel.....In order to answer this question, David is brought together with his fellow "travelers" to discuss and share ideas, experiences, and wisdom. They range from Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Joan of Arc, and even Winston Churchill. There are countless others who join in on the Summit but not all are heard from or able to share their thoughts, opinions, and input into answering "the question."

For me, "The Final Summit" was a bit slower than the first book. It wasn't quite the adventure I was looking for but more importantly than that what disturbed me greatly was how Andy Andrews failed to point the readers to Christ instead of having them look within or too one another. The storyline is one that could have so easily shared the Truth. Truth is, that the answer lies in Christ ~ all of them. Whether it be seeking Wisdom, Humility, Hope etc. and all of the other subjects they are sharing between one another as the answer they will be presenting to Gabriel.

In Mr. Andrews defense, this is a novel, yet it does claim to be a self help book. However, being offered by Thomas Nelson I had higher expectations. To offer a book as a self help and to share all the different scenarios offered in The Final Summit I felt cheated. In a time in which we as Americans are losing our Christian Heritage, this was an unbelievable opportunity to remind others of that Heritage in a very powerful way. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln at a summit in today's setting?? ~ I feel strongly they would have pointed David Ponder to Christ, first and foremost, without a doubt!

If you decide you read The Final with discernment.

I was provided this book by Thomas Nelson's booksneeze program in exchange for my honest review


Clif said...

Another good review. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog. One reason for the difference in our perspectives might be the difference in our ages. Your points about Christ are well taken. The people coming to read your review need to hear this. I pray that Andrews is using the gifts God has given him to open many doors for conversations about Christ. Keep reading, reviewing and drawing people to Christ.

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