Saturday, 9 April 2011

Home-Ec 101 Review

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About the Book:
Home-Ec 101 by author and One2One Network Member Heather Solos shares tips and tricks for tackling the everyday challenges we find in the home.

Heather's advice is easy to apply and is written with the same witty style and attitude readers love on her blog, Charts, tips, sidebars and "Dear Home Ec 101" letters cover offer the tools you need to keep your home clean and in good repair.

The perfect manual for college grads to the more seasoned homemakers, this book has something to offer everyone. From the simplest how to's (ever meet a 20 year old who can't pre-heat an oven?) to how to be a fabulous host at your housewarming party, Heather's advice is relevant for homeowners and apartment dwellers of any age.

My Review:

I recall Home-Ec being one of the most fun classes ever, way back when I was in Middle School. Learning to cook, to sew, and Oh ya, balancing a check book too! This class high-lighted so many situations in which I would soon be living for real! In Home-Ec 101, Author, Heather Solos does an amazing job explaining in even greater detail than any middle school class ever did, those situations one will experience when they have moved out on their own. She keeps it simple, to the point, and will have you laughing along the way! Home-Ec 101 is broken down into 4 sections:

Cook It
Clean It
Fix It
Wash it

In the Section, Clean it ~ You can learn how keeping a schedule and being organized will help in keeping your house clean. Also, did you know that organizing, cleaning, and sanitizing are 3 very different jobs??!! In cooking, she has excellent tips on meal planning and pantry principles, In Fix it, she gives a basic tool list! How awesome is that!! Heather shares these and countless other examples and how-to's.

This book is packed with such Wisdom and is truly a must for anyone graduating and/or about to be out on their own. Let's not forget newlyweds ~ Home-Ec 101 would be an amazing wedding gift for sure! Even though I have been married for over 20 years, I have learned some great tips as well! Honestly, this book is excellent for anyone! If you are a homeschool parent, this book would be an excellent resource in which to teach from!

I was given this book complimentary from the One2OneNetwork in exchange for my honest opinion! Thanks One2One :)


Shug said...

You must know me well....this is one that I definitely need to read...I could use all the help I can get....LOL


Malia said...

Thanks for you excellent review! We're so pleased that you liked the book!

~Malia @ One2One Network

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